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Mount Kailash stands proudly in the Western Tibetan plateau in the northernmost region of the Himalayas. At 22,028 Ft, its shape is unique, almost pyramid like featuring four faces said to be a peacock, elephant, lion and a horse.

Travelling to this holy place, Mount Kailash is an important event. Many Hindus and Bhuddists make a pilgrimage with the aim of completing one circuit (about 32 miles) of the sacred mountain to absolve sins committed during their lifetime. To absolve the sins for many lifetimes, thats a more difficult task requiring 108 circuits! Mount Kailash is known to be the home of Lord Shiva and for that reason it is recognised as being the highest honour for Hindus to visit and see it for themselves and be seen by it.

Treks to Mount Kailash are very popular and although trips are available which start in Tibet itself, its also a great idea to start your trek in Nepal to enjoy the highlights of Kathmandu. From here you travel by land to the Nepal / Tibet border passing through lush countryside, whilst admiring the valleys and cliff views.

Theres typically some acclimatisation required on reaching Neyalam, as for some altitude sickness could start here. Its therefore important to keep hydrated and stay aware of how your body is reacting to a change in conditions.
From Neyalam the road rises and falls making the journey not the most comfortable but the breath-taking scenery more than makes up for that. You pass through
the villages and towns of Saga and Paryang and its here in Paryang that youll catch a glimpse of the Tibetan nomads and traders in traditional dress who live in this area.

The drive from Paryang to Manasarovar Lake is fairly long, around 8 hours but worthwhile. Anticipation builds en route as you wait to take in the first sighting of the special Mount Kailash. On reaching Lake Manasarovar, youll see pilgrims bathe to cleanse their souls in the icy waters of Tibets holiest lake which lies at the mountains base.

After more acclimitisation at Darchen, the first day of trekking around Mount Kailash begins at Tarpuche. The trekking route heads towards the Dirapuk Monastery and then on to the Zutulpuk monastery, site of the cave of miracles. The route is strenuous due to its steep ascents and descents but truly a spiritual experience. Visiting Gaurikinda where you see items of clothes left by pilgrims as offerings is thought provoking.

Trekking days are between 6 to 8 hours carrying a day pack over hilly terrain. 16 day trips start and end in Kathmandu, Nepal. The best time to go is between April and November although travel at other times is also possible.
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Mt Kailash Kora Trek

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This article was published on 2011/04/16